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EVOS: The New Playsystem that Reinvents the way Wisconsin Kids Play!
"The Evos is up and it is a real traffic stopper. Cars are pulling over and
people are walking by in if it landed from outer space overnight.
My family walks down each evening to see the progress and we can hear other
people walking by shrilling with excitement. Very cool, very fun!"

EVOS - the "gyroscopic" new playsystem that literally reinvents the way Wisconsin kids play. Its unique design challenges kids physically like never before as they climb, glide, spin and bounce at every imaginable angle, continuously balancing and counterbalancing their bodies against the forces of gravity.

Visit one of our locations for a first hand look!

EVOS- McDaniels Park

Mental as well as Physical Challenges

It engages kids mentally as well, with unusual play events and unlimited entry and exit points. It is non-directional and keeps them testing, inventing and imagining as they play.

Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Evos offers powerful incentives for kids to keep moving - one of the most effective ways to prevent childhood obesity. It was created to engage children with a wide variety of abilities and strengths. When it comes to challenge and fun, kids find EVOS irresistible! It's the reinvention of the way kids play!

EVOS- McGovern Park
  • - Evos is the perfect complement to traditional playstructures.

- Evos is highly configurable, with more than 18 components to mix and match.

- Evos is great for a phased project.

- Evos is packed with play value, and because of its circular footprint, it's easy to fit into most spaces.

"My son was thrilled trying out the EVOS at the ASLA expo in San Francisco! He climbed onto some other vendors products and just shrugged his shoulders as if to say, 'Now what?' It was classic!"

100% Ground Level Accessible
EVOS is 100% ground level accessible.
...make your playground stand out with EVOS!

EVOS- EPIC Park - Verona, WI.

EVOS Locations
  • Doyle Park - 100 Van Buren St., Little Chute, WI
  • Minocqua Elementary - 7450 Titus drive, Minocqua, WI
  • Grant Park - 1622 Grant Park Dr., Entrance to Grant Park @ intersection of Lake Dr. and Park Ave.
  • Olson Elementary - 801 Redan Drive, Verona, WI. (Madison School District)
  • Meister Park - Jenna Drive and Breckinridge Road, Verona, WI.
  • Sheehan Park - Linnrud and Walker Way, Sun Prairie, WI.
  • Hillside Elementary - 2250 Lynette Lane, Brookfield, WI.
  • Creekside Elementary - Okeefe Ave. and Brown Bear Way, Sun Prairie, WI.
  • Red Hawk Valley Subdivision - Hwy 78 and Valley St., Black Earth, WI.
  • Vosters Park - Ashbury Dr., Appleton, WI.
  • McDaniels Park - 4800 McDaniels Ln., McFarland, WI.
  • Kosciuszko Park - 2010 South 7th St. @ the corner of 7th and Lincol
  • McGovern Park - 5518 N. 51st Blvd. @ the corner of W. Silver Spring Dr. and N. 51st Blvd.

Click here for pictures and information about parks in your area!

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