Camp Wawbeek Community Build

Providing campers with more opportunities to play and expand creativity, this community built project brought volunteers together as Camp Wawbeek celebrated its 80th year of happy campers!

As a Kiwanis Governor’s project, donations were brought in steadily from Kiwanis clubs across Wisconsin to fund the playground, and over 60 volunteers came from far and wide to assist in the installation.

Camp Wawbeek10.jpg

Campers were there to help out and cheer each other on as they watched the new structure come to life, and the excitement for the finished product was palpable and grew throughout the day.

Accessibility was the heart of this project, as ramps provided inclusivity, along with a Sway Fun that offers even more play value with room for many campers to enjoy together. You’ll find an array of play panels as you enter the structure, offering several types of sensory experiences. The Double Swoosh Slide adds another fun element to this already exciting playground!

A cloudy start to the day turned into a sunny afternoon, full of laughter, teamwork, and popsicles! (Thanks Camp Wawbeek for providing the perfect cool treat, we think those are a must-have for all future community builds!)

The end of the day saw a completed accessible playground, a proud team of volunteers and camp staff, and a very excited bunch of campers. We’re always proud to see community projects come together, and Camp Wawbeek has us swelling with that pride.

Let’s play!

Camp Wawbeek21.jpg

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Hollie Brewer