Crestwood Elementary Community Build

School is back in session, and the students at Crestwood Elementary have an exciting new space to look forward to at recess! Volunteers came together with enthusiasm that echoed through the day, leading crews to a completed playground, just in time for dinner.

Jam packed with play value, 2018 has been the year of the Venti in Wisconsin, and Crestwood took it a few steps farther. Adding Pod Climbers that bridge to the Blender Spinner, a wiggly fun Wobble Pod, and Rhapsody outdoor musical instruments coming in a few short weeks bring the level of fun on this Venti to a whole new level!

A comfortable morning in Madison gave volunteers a great start, smooth and seamless assembly, lifting, and teamwork led to a nearly completed structure by lunch time. Afternoon crews arrived to begin pouring concrete footers and finish the remaining assembly and surfacing.

From the staff and administration at Crestwood to the volunteers who gave their time, sweat, and smiles throughout the day, we would like to thank you for a terrific build that ends our season on a high note!

Let’s play!


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Hollie Brewer