Playground Maintenance Quick Guide

Caring for your playground means conducting routine maintenance year-round.

As we move into the warm weather and play season is in full swing, routine maintenance is key to preserving your playground equipment and providing a safe place to enjoy.

Maintenance vs. Certified Inspections

Using the above chart, a parks supervisor is able to establish a maintenance plan that includes regular checks. Frequency of these checks will vary based on several factors. Loose fill surfacing, high traffic playgrounds, equipment with moving parts, and regions with changing weather patterns will require more frequent checks to properly maintain the play area.

We recommend starting with an inspection each season and increasing frequency based on the factors above.

Maintenance departments for schools and municipalities are capable of conducting these checks and with the proper tools, can perform simple maintenance such as tightening bolts and adding loose fill surfacing where needed. Maintenance documents are provided with every piece play equipment Gerber delivers to our customers to provide specific guidelines for each component. If you need an inspection checklist or maintenance checklist for your structure, reach out and we can provide the documents specific to your playground.

Loose fill surfacing will shift and compact over time, especially in swing and slide exit areas. Expect to add to wood chips and shredded rubber over time, maintaining a constant minimum depth appropriate for each type of surfacing. Pay special attention to this type of surfacing as the winter thaws and water may settle or shift existing fill.

All checks performed should be documented for future audit purposes and to identify immediate and future needs of the play area. If an immediate hazard is discovered, close the area of danger (fence or caution tape around the area) and contact us at Gerber immediately.


Routine maintenance is important to provide a safe area for play for years to come. However, a routine maintenance schedule should not replace regular inspections. Our CPSI certified staff are play safety experts, and are available to conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance with federal regulations and guidelines as well as address any safety concerns that may exist.

For further guidance on routine maintenance schedules or to request an inspection, please contact us today.