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Featured Playground Components



This patent-pending merry-go-round offers ample room for kids and families to interact and play together – including those in wheelchairs. The integrated roof provides shade, and the center handhold allows riders to participate in the spinning fun.

Chill™ Spinner

Take a fun spin on the Chill™ Spinner or just relax in its comfortable seat. The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect. Textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride.

Crab Trap™

The unique look of net climbing structure offers tons of opportunities to climb, crawl and hang out. The open-ended play experiences engage creativity and critical decision making as kids ages 5 to 12 maneuver their positions from one challenge to the next.

Rhapsody® Vibra™ Chimes

These large chimes provide the lowest, most resonant notes of the Rhapsody® collection. Eight Vibra™chimes, each with their own mallet, play eight different notes to make up a major diatonic scale. An excellent addition to playgrounds, parks, schools, museums and more.

Curva™ Spinner

The Curva™ Spinner is a beautiful and fun addition to any play space. One child or multiple kids can ride around and around. The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and promotes experimentation with centrifugal force and cause-and-effect.

Rhapsody® Cascata™ Bells

The Cascata™ Bells combine ten bells of different tones for auditory and visual pleasure. Play one at a time with the attached mallet, or slide the mallet along all the bells for a fun music-making experience to stimulate the imagination.


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Inclusive Play

We create play environments using inclusive playground equipment that welcome kids and families of all abilities to learn, play and grow together.


The great outdoors is the number one spot where kids can play naturally—making up their own games while freely exploring the world around them.

Custom / Theme

We can help you design your own signature playground. Our approach to custom & theme playgrounds is as individual as your imagination. 

Play for all ages

We offer playground equipment for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, and school-age kids that promotes active lifestyles and healthy communities.

6-23 Months

2-5 Years

5-12 Years

13+ Years


Gerber Leisure Products is proud to represent Landscape Structures, the only premier commercial playground manufacturer in the industry. They are the leaders in creating innovative, safe, accessible, built-to-last equipment and have been doing it for nearly 45 years. Landscape Structures pioneered "continuous play", the breakthrough concept that has become the standard for playgrounds everywhere!