Please take a look below for a few of our completed projects. Head on over to our Visit & Play page to find a playground in your area or contact us about a new or upcoming project!


Pulaski Park


Imaginative play has no limits with Evos® and Weevos® structures in bright contrasting colors! Kids age 2-5 can find the Weevos structure build just for them, with a Wee Planet™ Climber, Cozy Coaster® Slide and more. Challenges for kids ages 5-12 include the O-Zone® Climber and Hemisphere Climber®, take a twirly ride on the Gyro Twister®, and a speedy ride down the SlideWinder2®. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing provides a safe landing zone and easy access for guests of all abilities.  



Holler Park


Bright colors and modern design bring a fun new feeling to the playground at Holler Park. Poured-in-place rubber surfacing offers accessibility throughout, so guests big and little can easily enjoy the updated space. Smaller guests can climb the Mini Summit or Lollipop Climber to reach the top, and swoosh down with a friend on the Double Slide or fly solo on the SlideWinder2®. A place to catch some shade and rest can be found underneath at the Table Panel with seating for friends. Older kids can challenge themselves on the Netplex®, which links to the TightRope™ Bridge and LolliLadder™, to reach the top for a ride down the 8’ tall Double Swoosh Slide®!



1000 Oaks


Nature meets a mix of classic and modern pieces at the 1000 Oaks playground in Madison, paired with an Icon shelter to perfectly enhance the setting. Kids can find a thrill when they take a ride on the ZipKrooz® or swing to new heights on the Arch Swings. For a more exploratory experience, the Discovery Tree Climb™ features hidden creatures and a talk tube, where they can help one another discover fossils hidden throughout the Peak™ Rock Climber. The Lollipop and Cliff Climber offer a more challenging climb to the top, where you can find a swift ride down the SlideWinder2®. Bringing the natural feel one step further, the shelter includes a cedar and copper penny roof for a shaded area perfect for gatherings.



Madison Country Day School


Overlooking the natural landscape, the playground at Madison Country Day School features several natural play elements and themes to blend into the surroundings while providing an exciting play space for students. The Thunderhead™ Climber provides accessibility combined with climbing and imaginative play with surprise elements hidden behind and underneath. DigiFuse® Panels offer fun facts and interactive play as children learn about animal tracks and more. Students can scale the GeoPlex® climber, the Wood Plank Wiggle Ladder and more to reach the top of the clubhouse, shaded by two Recycled Tree House Roofs, playfully marked ‘Kids Only’. Paired with new swings including the Oodle® Swing and a new basketball court, children and adults alike can welcome endless opportunities for fun!



River Valley Elementary

Spring Green

Bringing a complete overhaul to their play space for the 2018-19 school year, River Valley Elementary hosts a wide array of fun equipment for what are sure to be very happy students! Featuring our new FitCore™ Extreme, older children can test their physical limits with this obstacle course, and push climbing skills with the Mobius Climber. Inclusive and sensory items like the Cozy Dome, OmniSpin, Sensory Wall, and Rollerslide ensure that every child has the chance to experience the new playground! Top it all off with a Spyroslide, O-Zone Climber, Bongo Panel and so much more, there is a new way to discover play every time students step onto their new playground!


Menominee Indian Head Start


A bright new space for the littlest explorers! Loose fill rubber surfacing provides a soft landing for 6-23 month old children, and a Cool Topper offers a shady place to rest. The Nook's tiny house look and feel combined with its 20 interactive features support whole-child learning and encourage adult-child play. Pair that with two structures featuring several Learning Wall panels, a Critter Canyon climber and more, and this play space packs a whole lot of fun into one place!


WI - AliceStayerPark - 29.jpg

Stayer Junior Park


A source of great pride for us here at Gerber, this playground is loaded with custom play pieces to highlight all we love about Wisconsin! Have fun on the farm exploring the pigpen or rushing down the giant barn slide, climb the Huson Water Tower or the corn stalk Netplex, or take a ride on the corn row roller table. There is something new and exciting around every turn! If you're in need of a place to host a gathering or take a rest by the creek, the shelter by ICON is a beautiful space that combines form and function to enhance the experience of park goers in Plymouth for years to come.


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